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RPC specific information

This section contains RPC-related information.

RPC types

The table below lists RPC types supported by the client front end for UnixWare 7. Only valid values of the rpc member of the DmiNodeAddress structure are listed.

RPC types

RPC type value Description
onc ONC (Open Network computing) RPC
local SP-specific local DMI RPC


The client front end for UnixWare uses the ONC implementation of RPC. This section provides some information on RPC addressing.

Transport type Description
ncacn_ip_tcp Connection-oriented TCP over IP
The table below lists network address formats for this transport:

Transport Network address Example
Host name or common Internet address notation ko
A single backslash character (\) is interpreted as an escape character in the address field. To specify a single literal backslash character, you must supply two backslash characters (\\).

When the network address is not specified (NULL string), the DmiNodeAddress parameter refers to the local host. Endpoint information is an optional part of the address string. It is used only to differentiate multiple DMI indication servers on the same node. The function DmiGetSubscriptionAddress(3dmi) returns an endpoint as the part of its indication server address. To prevent indication loss, management applications should subscribe for indications with this address when more then one management application are running on the same computer.


The local DMI RPC provides DMI 2.0 access to the local SP. The DmiNodeAddress specification for local DMI RPC is {"", "local" , ""}. Local DMI RPC behaves in a non-standard way when delivering indications to the management applications. It delivers all indications/events that are generated/forwarded by the local SP to all management applications on this computer that have an indication server started with the DmiIndicationListen function. There is no need for management applications to subscribe for indications originating from the local DMI RPC. The DmiGetSubscriptionAddress(3dmi) function returns a DMIERR_CFE_FUNCTION_NOT_SUPPORTED error for a ``local'' rpc type. There is no event filtering for this type of RPC.

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