Network services

Writing a port monitor for the SAC

The Service Access Facility (SAF) standardizes the procedures for service access so that login access on the local system, and network access to local services are managed in similar ways. Under the SAF, systems may access services through a variety of port monitors, including ttymon, the listener, and custom-made port monitors written expressly for a user's application. The Service Access Facility is fully documented in ``The Service Access Facility''. It is assumed that programmers who are writing port monitors to be used on a UNIX® System V Release 4 system are familiar with that material.

Beginning with System V Release 4, ttymon replaces getty and uugetty for local access to login service and is available for other types of access to the local system. ``Administering the ttymon port monitor'' describes managing ttymon port monitors and ``Configuring terminal line settings'' describes terminal line settings for TTY ports

The listener provides network access over any network that conforms to the Transport Level Interface (TLI) protocol. The listener is also documented in ``Administering the listen port monitor''. TLI is documented in ``Programming with the X/Open Transport Interface (XTI)''.

Service Access Facility manual pages can be found in

Programmers of networking applications should refer to ``Network selection'', ``Name-to-address mapping'' and ``The connection server'' as well as the corresponding administration topics: ``Administering network selection'', ``Administering name-to-address mapping'' and ``Administering the connection server''.

This topic gives a brief description of the functions a port monitor must perform to run under the Service Access Facility; the message format required for port monitor interface with the SAF; the way in which the SAF administers port monitors; and the requirements for port monitors registered with the SAF. It also describes configuration scripts, the language in which the scripts are written, and the doconfig function, which interprets these scripts. Finally, it includes code for a simple port monitor that may be used as a model.

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