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com.sleepycat.collections Data access based on the standard Java collections API. 
com.sleepycat.db Berkeley DB Java API
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Uses of CursorConfig in com.sleepycat.collections

Methods in com.sleepycat.collections that return CursorConfig
 CursorConfig StoredContainer.getCursorConfig()
          Returns the cursor configuration that is used for all operations performed via this container.

Methods in com.sleepycat.collections with parameters of type CursorConfig
static Collection StoredCollections.configuredCollection(Collection storedCollection, CursorConfig config)
          Creates a configured collection from a given stored collection.
static List StoredCollections.configuredList(List storedList, CursorConfig config)
          Creates a configured list from a given stored list.
static Map StoredCollections.configuredMap(Map storedMap, CursorConfig config)
          Creates a configured map from a given stored map.
static Set StoredCollections.configuredSet(Set storedSet, CursorConfig config)
          Creates a configured set from a given stored set.
static SortedMap StoredCollections.configuredSortedMap(SortedMap storedSortedMap, CursorConfig config)
          Creates a configured sorted map from a given stored sorted map.
static SortedSet StoredCollections.configuredSortedSet(SortedSet storedSortedSet, CursorConfig config)
          Creates a configured sorted set from a given stored sorted set.

Uses of CursorConfig in com.sleepycat.db

Fields in com.sleepycat.db declared as CursorConfig
static CursorConfig CursorConfig.DEFAULT
          Default configuration used if null is passed to methods that create a cursor.
static CursorConfig CursorConfig.READ_UNCOMMITTED
          A convenience instance to configure read operations performed by the cursor to return modified but not yet committed data.
static CursorConfig CursorConfig.DIRTY_READ
          Deprecated. This has been replaced by READ_UNCOMMITTED to conform to ANSI database isolation terminology.
static CursorConfig CursorConfig.READ_COMMITTED
          A convenience instance to configure a cursor for read committed isolation.
static CursorConfig CursorConfig.DEGREE_2
          Deprecated. This has been replaced by READ_COMMITTED to conform to ANSI database isolation terminology.
static CursorConfig CursorConfig.WRITECURSOR
          A convenience instance to specify the Concurrent Data Store environment cursor will be used to update the database.

Methods in com.sleepycat.db that return CursorConfig
 CursorConfig Cursor.getConfig()
          Return this cursor's configuration.

Methods in com.sleepycat.db with parameters of type CursorConfig
 SecondaryCursor SecondaryDatabase.openSecondaryCursor(Transaction txn, CursorConfig cursorConfig)
          Obtain a cursor on a database, returning a SecondaryCursor.
 Cursor Database.openCursor(Transaction txn, CursorConfig cursorConfig)
          Return a cursor into the database.

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