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com.sleepycat.collections Data access based on the standard Java collections API. 
com.sleepycat.db Berkeley DB Java API
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Uses of Environment in com.sleepycat.collections

Methods in com.sleepycat.collections that return Environment
 Environment CurrentTransaction.getEnvironment()
          Returns the underlying Berkeley DB environment.

Methods in com.sleepycat.collections with parameters of type Environment
static CurrentTransaction CurrentTransaction.getInstance(Environment env)
          Gets the CurrentTransaction accessor for a specified Berkeley DB environment.

Constructors in com.sleepycat.collections with parameters of type Environment
TransactionRunner(Environment env)
          Creates a transaction runner for a given Berkeley DB environment.
TransactionRunner(Environment env, int maxRetries, TransactionConfig config)
          Creates a transaction runner for a given Berkeley DB environment and with a given number of maximum retries.

Uses of Environment in com.sleepycat.db

Methods in com.sleepycat.db that return Environment
 Environment DatabaseException.getEnvironment()
          Return the environment in which the exception occurred.
 Environment Database.getEnvironment()
          Return the Environment handle for the database environment underlying the Database.

Methods in com.sleepycat.db with parameters of type Environment
 int ReplicationTransport.send(Environment environment, DatabaseEntry control, DatabaseEntry rec, LogSequenceNumber lsn, int envid, boolean noBuffer, boolean permanent, boolean anywhere, boolean isRetry)
          The callback used when Berkeley DB needs to transmit a replication message.
 void PanicHandler.panic(Environment environment, DatabaseException e)
          A function to be called if the database environment panics.
 void MessageHandler.message(Environment environment, String message)
          A callback function to be called to display informational messages.
 int LogRecordHandler.handleLogRecord(Environment environment, DatabaseEntry logRecord, LogSequenceNumber lsn, RecoveryOperation operation)
 void FeedbackHandler.recoveryFeedback(Environment environment, int percent)
          A function called with progress information when the database environment is being recovered.
 void ErrorHandler.error(Environment environment, String errpfx, String msg)
          A callback function to be called when an error occurs in the Berkeley DB library.

Constructors in com.sleepycat.db with parameters of type Environment
DatabaseException(String s, int errno, Environment dbenv)
          Construct an exception with the specified message and error number associated with a database environment handle.

Berkeley DB
version 4.4.20

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