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 15 MySQL Cluster


* mysql-cluster-overview       MySQL Cluster Overview
* mysql-cluster-basics         Basic MySQL Cluster Concepts
* multi-computer               Simple Multi-Computer How-To
* mysql-cluster-configuration  MySQL Cluster Configuration
* mysql-cluster-process-management  Process Management in MySQL Cluster
* mysql-cluster-management     Management of MySQL Cluster
* mysql-cluster-interconnects  Using High-Speed Interconnects with MySQL Cluster
* mysql-cluster-limitations    Known Limitations of MySQL Cluster
* mysql-cluster-roadmap        MySQL Cluster Development Roadmap
* mysql-cluster-faq            MySQL Cluster FAQ
* mysql-cluster-glossary       MySQL Cluster Glossary
 MySQL Cluster is a high-availability, high-redundancy version of MySQL
 adapted for the distributed computing environment. It uses the `NDB
 Cluster' storage engine to enable running several MySQL servers in a
 cluster. This storage engine is available in MySQL 5.0 binary releases
 and in RPMs compatible with most modern Linux distributions. (If you
 install using RPM files, note that both the `mysql-server' and
 `mysql-max' RPMs must be installed to have MySQL Cluster capability.)
 The operating systems on which MySQL Cluster is currently available are
 Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris. (Some users have reported success with
 running MySQL Cluster on FreeBSD, although this is not yet officially
 supported by MySQL AB.) We are working to make Cluster run on all
 operating systems supported by MySQL, including Windows, and will
 update this page as new platforms are supported.
 This chapter represents a work in progress, and its contents are
 subject to revision as MySQL Cluster continues to evolve. Additional
 information regarding MySQL Cluster can be found on the MySQL AB Web
 site at `'.
 *Additional resources*
    * Answers to some commonly asked questions about Cluster may be
      found in the  mysql-cluster-faq.
    * The MySQL Cluster mailing list: `'.
    * The MySQL Cluster Forum: `'.
    * If you are new to MySQL Cluster, you may find our Developer Zone
      article How to set up a MySQL Cluster for two servers
      to be helpful.
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