Release 7.1 new features


Console administration utilities
Two new commands have been added in Release 7.1. vtblank(1) activates and configures a console screen saver. vtwait(1) deactivates switching to an X session during start-up, allowing immediate typing on the console.

Graphical environment updates
Various X packages have been updated:

X server (xserver and basex)
Bug fixes and enhancements to:

  • the base X server

  • the VESA device driver, which operates VBE (VESA BIOS Extension) compliant graphics devices in high-resolution mode using device-independent logic. The VESA driver now supports modes with greater than 256 colors.

  • the Video Configuration Manager

This release also provides:

  • UTF-8/Unicode support

  • improved support for multi-console devices, such as those offered by Maxpeed

  • Xnest(X1M), a nested X server

  • Xvfb(X1M), a virtual framebuffer X server that can run on machines with no display hardware and no physical input devices. This is useful for server and client testing.

X Clients (xclients)
bug fixes

These packages are installed from the second (Updates) CD-ROM during initial system load or system upgrade.

The following changes have been made to SCOhelp in this release:

UnixWare 7 Webtop with Tarantella technology
The UnixWare 7 Webtop utilizes Tarantella technology and web-based HTML/CGI technology to allow users to access any server-side application on a UnixWare 7 server from a Web browser. The Webtop also provides several key system administration advantages.

The webtop package is installed from the Updates CD-ROM (disk 2) during initial system load or system upgrade.

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UnixWare 7 Release 7.1.4 - 22 April 2004