Testing AIX 5L NFB drivers

Verify root background display

This first operation verifies that your video driver can be found and loaded properly by the AIX 5L X server. To verify that the X server by itself properly displays a root background. For this operation, you will need

For testing purposes, use the NFBDRIVERS environment variable to direct the X server to use the local copy of your driver binary. For example:
   $ cd <driver development directory>
   $ NFBDRIVERS=`pwd`
   $ export NFBDRIVERS
To test the X server with your driver, you should work either on the serial console terminal or logged into the AIX 5L system over the network with a remote log in. When you are running the X server remotely in this fashion, you need to use the -force option:
   $ /usr/bin/X11/X -force
The error messages from the X server are routed by the ErrorF(D3nfb) print statements to the /tmp/xlogfile file. If you are using ErrorF( ) statements to debug your code, check this file for those outputs.

An NFB driver only produces stderr messages if it has printf(stderr...) statements, which is not recommended. However, if your driver includes such statements, you can route those stderr messages to a file and run the X server in the background:

   $ /usr/bin/X11/X -force 2> x.errs &

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