Writing NFB graphical adapter drivers

Adding driver configuration parameters to the AIX 5L ODM database

WARNING: The integrity of the ODM database is critical to the proper operation of the AIX 5L system. Do NOT experiment with ODM commands. Improper use of ODM commands and corruption of the ODM database can render the system inoperable

The AIX 5L NFB X server uses the ODM database to determine which video drivers to use. For most driver types, Each PCI ID corresponds to a single driver. For NFB drivers, many PCI ID numbers are tied to each driver, so the system attempts to locate the driver by the one-to-one relationship and, when it cannot, calls the NFB subsystem to identify the driver.

You must know the PCI identification numbers (vendor and model) of the video devices your NFB driver supports. Use the omdadd, omdget, and omdelete commands to update the ODM database for your NFB driver:

  1. Add entries for each supported video device to the following file:


    Note the comments in that file about how to add entries.

  2. Issue the odmadd command:

    # ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmadd <xxx>_PCI_IDS.add

  3. Verify that your objects have been added correctly by running the odmget command:

    # ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmget -q"Model=<xxx>" NFB_PCI_IDS

  4. To remove items from the ODM database, run the odmget command to verify the objects to be selected, then use the odmdelete command, spcifying the class to remove and the objects in that class. For example, to remove the PCI_IDS objects added with the odmadd command above:

    # ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmdelete -o NFB_PCI_IDS -q"Model=<xxx>"

    Be sure that you only delete the objects that your odmadd command added; do NOT delete all the objects in the class. In this example, the class is NFB_PCI_IDS and the identifying field to uniquely identify your objects is:


NOTE: ODM is a cumulative database. The odmadd command adds more entries to the ODM database even if they duplicate entries you added before. To change entries in the ODM database, you must first remove what you added before and then add the updated values. Otherwise, the ODM database will be filled with numerous values for the same object. The ODM search mechanism uses the first object found, which is the first value added to the system, so the revised objects you added are ignored and the system will not behave as you expect.

You must also add the NFB_GRAFINFO data objects to the ODM database. This is discussed in ``Setting up the NFB_GRAFINFO defines in ODM (AIX 5L)''.

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