Writing NFB graphical adapter drivers

Driver writing steps

The steps required to implement a graphics driver using the X Link Kit are:

  1. ``Install X Link Kit software''

  2. ``Set up the driver source tree and create a driver template''

  3. ``Compile driver template''

  4. ``Implement the driver initialization''

  5. ``Implement basic operations''

  6. ``Optimize performance''

  7. ``Replace Window Private operations''

  8. ``Replace GC operations''

  9. ``Replace cursor operations''

As you customize the driver routines, recompile the code and link it into the X server following the instructions in ``Compile driver template''.

The nte directory tree in the SVR5 X Link Kit distribution gives sample source for an S3 86C928 graphics driver. Refer to that source and the manual pages as you read this topic. No sample driver is provided on AIX 5L.

The instructions given here combine use of the NFB API with elements of the standard X server interface defined by the X Consortium. Graphics drivers that are written using only the X Consortium interface can be implemented for NFB X servers but they are much more difficult to write than drivers that use the NFB interface. Additional README files are located throughout the xlink directory hierarchy. Please check them for additional comments.

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