Writing NFB graphical adapter drivers

Implement the driver initialization

  1. Set up the graphics information functionality:

    SCO OpenServer 5 and SVR5
    Set up a grafinfo(DSP/4dsp) file to specify the hardware information about each different adapter that you are using to test the driver. See ``Setting up the grafinfo file (SVR5 and SCO OpenServer 5)''.

    AIX 5L
    Add NFB_GRAFINFO driver defines to the ODM database. See ``Setting up the NFB_GRAFINFO defines in ODM (AIX 5L)''.

  2. Modify the driver's InitHW( ) routine in the xxxInit.c file to support the hardware. See ``Initializing the hardware''.

  3. Implement the code to switch between graphics and text modes.

    SCO OpenServer 5 and SVR5

    Populate and call the SetGraphics(D3nfb) and SetText(D3nfb) routines in the xxxScreen.c file. Typically, these routines are coded to take information from the SetGraphics and SetText procedures in the adapter's grafinfo file. See ``Switching between graphics and text modes''.

    AIX 5L
    On AIX 5L, Code the functions for switching between graphics and text modes in an appropriate place in the driver itself. To simplify development and maintenance, you should create a single table that includes these hardware definitions and can be called in the driver as needed. The SetGraphics( ) and SetText( ) routines can then call these hardware definitions as part of the coding to switch between graphics and text modes.

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