Adding or removing hardware controllers

Adding hardware controllers

You can use this procedure to add a new hardware controller.

  1. Manually configure the new hardware, if necessary.

    Some hardware requires manual configuration. For example, you may have to set jumper pins on a hardware card. Check the documentation provided with the hardware you are installing.

  2. Shutdown the system.

  3. When prompted, turn off the system power switch.

    To be safe, disconnect the power cord.

  4. Connect the new hardware devices.

    Insert any needed hardware controller(s) into your system and connect the new hardware peripheral(s) to the controllers (hardware boards and/or adapters). For details, see the documentation that came with your hardware.

  5. Turn on the power for your system and all devices connected to your system.

    If the hardware you are installing has its own power supply, plug in the power cord and power up the hardware.

  6. Run any hardware-specific software.

    Some hardware comes with software that must be run in order to configure the device. When installing a new device (for example, a networking board):

    Many platform configuration utilities and/or hardware initialization programs require a DOS operating system. Sometimes the hardware vendor provides a partial DOS operating system from which you can boot your system. Otherwise, you must provide your own copy of DOS.

    1. Insert the DOS diskette into your system boot drive and reboot your system.

    2. When the DOS prompt is displayed, replace the DOS diskette with the platform configuration utility diskette or initialization program diskette. (Follow the instructions for your program. See your hardware configuration documentation.)

    3. Configure your hardware by following the instructions provided in your hardware documentation.

    4. After configuring the hardware, remove the diskette from the boot drive.

  7. Reboot your system.

    Then follow the instructions given in `` Configuring hardware controllers''.

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