Adding or removing hardware controllers

Configuring hardware controllers

This procedure is used to configure your devices after they have been physically added to your system.

Do the following to verify that the UnixWare system is properly configured to access the new hardware and, if necessary, to revise your software configuration:

  1. Make sure the device driver is installed and configured to access the new controller.

    If you are not sure whether the device driver is installed and configured, go to `` Viewing or changing device driver configuration'' for instructions about how to verify this using the DCU.

    Use the following table to decide what to do next.

    If Then
    The device driver for the controller is installed and has been automatically configured. Go to Step 4.
    The device driver for the controller is installed but has not been configured. Go to Step 3.
    The device driver for the controller has not been installed. Go to Step 2.

  2. Install the device driver in your system.

    If the device driver that supports the controller is not installed on your system, you need to add the package that contains the driver. You can use pkgadd(1M) to add device drivers from the UnixWare 7 CD-ROM, or a device driver might have been provided by the hardware vendor.

    NOTE: For a current list of device drivers and supported hardware see ``Accessing the SCO Compatible Hardware Web Pages''.

    To install a package, insert the diskette into the diskette drive and issue a pkgadd(1M) command, or use the SCOadmin Application Installer (See ``Using the Application Installer'' ).

  3. After the device driver is installed, a message may be displayed indicating additional actions that you must perform to configure the device driver. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

    You may be required to rebuild or reboot the system before you can use the new hardware. See `` Rebuilding your system''.

  4. After configuring the device driver for a controller, additional device-specific configuration may be needed. For example:

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