Administering the Network Information Service (NIS)

Administering the Network Information Service (NIS)
        The NIS environment
                The NIS domain
                NIS machine types
                NIS maps

Setting up NIS
        Setting up an NIS domain
        Preparing files on NIS clients
                Preparing /etc/hosts.equiv
                Preparing .rhosts
                Preparing /etc/hosts
                Preparing /etc/passwd
                Preparing /etc/group
                Preparing automounter files
        Preparing NIS databases on the master server
        Preparing the publickey file
        Making the maps
                The default Makefile
                Making the automounter maps
        Setting up the master server
                Building the maps
                Restricting access to the master server
        Setting up slave servers
        Setting up NIS clients
        Setting up NIS clients for broadcasting
        Updating the default NIS maps
        Propagating an NIS map
                Using crontab with ypxfr
                Using shell scripts with ypxfr
                Invoking ypxfr directly
                Logging ypxfr activity
        Obtaining map information
        Turning off NIS
                Temporarily disabling NIS
                Permanently disabling NIS

Administering NIS users
        How NIS maps affect security
        Changing user passwords in the NIS password database
                Starting the yppasswdd daemon
                Changing user passwords
        How netgroups affect security on an NIS network
        Adding a new user to an NIS domain
                Adding a user with an entry in the local passwd file
                Adding a user without an entry in the local passwd file

Advanced NIS administration
        Updating existing NIS maps
        Modifying the Makefile
                Deleting Makefile entries
                Adding Makefile entries
                Changing Makefile variables
        Creating and modifying non-default maps
                Updating maps built from existing ASCII files
                Updating maps built from standard input
        Adding new NIS maps to the Makefile
        Adding a new NIS server to the original set
                Adding the new Server to the domain
                Notifying clients about the new server
        Changing a map's master server
        Using NIS in conjunction with DNS

Troubleshooting NIS
        Commands hang on clients (server not responding)
        NIS is unavailable (client cannot bind to server)
        ypbind crashes
        ypwhich displays are inconsistent
        Servers have different versions of an NIS map
        ypserv crashes

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