Advanced printer configuration

Print service command line summary

In general, you should use the Printer Setup Manager and Print Job Manager to manage your print service. However, if you need to manage your print service from the command line, refer to these commands:

Print service commands available to all users

Command Description See Also
cancel(1) Cancels a request for a file to be printed ``Deleting print jobs''
lp(1) Sends a file or files to a printer -
lpstat(1) Reports the status of the print service ``Viewing jobs in the print queue''
The administrator can give users the ability to disable and enable a printer so that if a printer is malfunctioning, the user can turn the printer off without having to call the administrator. (However, in your printing environment, it might not be reasonable to allow regular users to disable a printer.)

``Administrative print service commands'' lists print service commands available only to the administrator. To use the administrative commands, you must either be logged in as root.

NOTE: Users can be authorized to run the enable(1M) and disable(1M) commands - see ``Allowing users to enable and disable a printer''.

The administrative print service commands are located in the /usr/lib directory. If you use these commands frequently, include /usr/lib in your PATH variable.

Administrative print service commands

Command Description See also
enable(1M) disable(1M) Activates the named printer(s) ``Enabling and disabling printers''
accept(1M) Permits jobs to be queued for a specified destination ``Accepting or rejecting print jobs''
reject(1M) Prevents jobs from being queued for a specified destination ``Accepting or rejecting print jobs''
lpadmin(1M) Sets up or changes printer configurations ``Adding, modifying, or copying a local printer''
lpfilter(1M) Sets up or changes filter definitions ``Adding a filter to the print service''
lpforms(1M) Sets up or changes preprinted forms (use /usr/sbin/lpadmin to mount a form) ``Creating a printer form''

lpmove(1M) Moves output requests from one destination to another ``Transferring a job to another printer''
lpsched(1M) Starts the print service ``Starting and stopping the print service''
lpshut(1M) Stops the print service ``Starting and stopping the print service''
lpusers(1M) Sets or changes the default priority and priority limits the users of the print service can request ``Setting print queue priorities''

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