DMI error codes

Client front-end error codes

The error codes listed in the following tables are the client front-end extensions to the standard Service Provider error code set defined in the DMI 2.0 Specification. Unless the error code is specified for a particular function, apply the following rule: DMIERR_CFE_* codes are common to all the client front-end functions, DMIERR_MEM_* codes can be returned by memory management functions, and DMIERR_RPC_* codes can appear in functions involving RPC communication.

General client front-end errors

Symbol Value Description
DMIERR_CFE_NO_RPC_CLIENTS_LOADED 0x800 Client front end did not find any RPC provider
DMIERR_CFE_RPC_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x803 Specified RPC type is not supported
DMIERR_CFE_FUNCTION_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x808 Function is not supported for specified RPC
DMIERR_CFE_ALREADY_LISTENING 0x809 Indication server is already started
DMIERR_CFE_GENERAL_FAILURE 0x80B Client front-end non-specific error

Memory management errors

Symbol Value Description
DMIERR_MEM_INVALID_PARAMETER 0x805 Invalid parameter passed to memory management function
DMIERR_MEM_INIT_FAILURE 0x806 Client memory management initialization failure
DMIERR_MEM_NO_BLOCK_IN_POOL 0x807 Specified block is not found in memory pool

RPC errors

Symbol Value Description    
DMIERR_RPC_COMM_FAILURE 0x500 Network communication problem
DMIERR_RPC_INVALID_ADDRESS 0x501 Illegal address
DMIERR_RPC_TRANSPORT_UNAVAILABLE 0x502 Illegal or unsupported transport
DMIERR_RPC_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE 0x503 DMI server or indication server is not started
DMIERR_RPC_LOW_RESOURCES 0x504 RPC is out of resources
DMIERR_RPC_ACCESS_DENIED 0x505 RPC security violation
DMIERR_RPC_GENERAL_FAILURE 0x506 RPC non-specific error

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