DMI error codes

Component installation error codes

The error file contains information about where the errors were found in the MIF file. The error message format is:

ERROR: errorNum (lineNum, columnNum)


WARNING: errorNum (lineNum, columnNum)


is the error found. Descriptions of all error numbers are given in the following table.

is the number of the line in the MIF file where the error occurred.

is the column number within the LineNum where the error occurred.

Installation error codes

Error number Error description
1643 Unused templates in the component
1703 Illegal value in group body
2101 Illegal character in comment
2641 There is no Group ID 1 in the component
2647 Missing language statement
2691 Class string in ComponentId group does not match convention
2741 Class string in ComponentId group does not match convention
3105 Unexpected end of comment
3106 Unexpected end of file in comment
3201 Illegal character in escape sequence
3202 Illegal digit in escape sequence
3203 Illegal value in escape sequence
3204 Missing digit in escape sequence
3301 Illegal character within literal
3306 Unexpected end of file in literal
3307 Unexpected new line in literal
3401 Illegal character in source stream
3417 Only one component is allowed per MIF file
3503 Illegal value encountered in attribute body
3509 Attribute name expected
3510 Attribute ID expected
3511 Attribute name or ID expected
3512 ``='' in attribute body expected
3513 Literal in attribute body expected
3514 Integer in attribute body expected
3515 Statement in attribute body expected
3518 Overlay name for the attribute value expected
3519 Attribute value expected
3520 Attribute value has an illegal size
3522 Access statement missing from attribute body
3523 Type statement missing from attribute body
3524 Value statement missing from attribute body
3525 Size specifier missing for string attribute
3528 Value conflicts with existing database
3529 Duplicate statement encountered in attribute body
3537 Cannot assign value to Write-Only attribute
3553 Illegal value in enumeration body
3559 Name for this enumeration expected
3562 ``='' in enumeration body expected
3563 Literal in enumeration body expected
3565 Statement in enumeration body expected
3569 Value in enumeration body expected
3571 This enumeration had no statements
3578 Value conflicts with existing database
3579 An enumeration of this name was already encountered
3580 This feature is not currently implemented for enumerations
3603 Illegal value in component body
3608 Component definition expected
3609 Component name expected
3611 Component name expected
3612 ``='' in component body expected
3613 Literal in component body expected
3615 Statement in component body expected
3616 Block statement in component body expected
3626 This component had no recognizable groups
3629 Duplicate statement encountered in component body
3651 Adding a language with number of groups different from number of groups in the component
3652 Two groups in the component share the same class string, but differ in definition
3653 Conflicting groups or illegal value in table body
3654 Adding an already existing language
3655 Number of MIFs (in DmiAddGroup) does not match number of languages in the component
3656 No match between languages of component and languages statements in the MIF (in DmiAddGroup)
3657 Component mapping for this current language already contains this groupId. Two MIFs with the same language
3659 Table name expected
3661 Table class, ID, or name expected
3662 ``='' in table definition expected
3663 Literal in table definition expected
3664 Integer in table definition expected
3665 Statement in table body expected
3668 Overlay name for a table data entry expected
3669 Table entry value expected
3670 Table string value exceeds size specified in attribute
3671 This table contained no data entries
3674 Additional values in table row expected
3678 There is already a group or table with this ID
3679 Duplicate statement encountered in table definition
3684 Template class name expected
3685 The number of values exceeds the number of attributes
3686 ``,'' or ``}'' after a table data entry expected
3689 Tables must be associated with keyed groups
3695 Key is not unique
3696 There is no default value in the template
3703 Illegal value in group body
3709 Group name expected
3710 Group ID expected
3711 Group class, name, or ID expected
3712 ``='' in group body expected
3713 Literal in group body expected
3714 Integer in group body expected
3715 Statement in group body expected
3716 Block statement in group body expected
3727 This group had no recognizable attributes
3728 Value conflicts with existing database
3729 Duplicate statement encountered in group body
3738 Class statement missing from group body
3753 Unknown attribute ID specified in key statement
3760 Attribute ID in key statement expected
3762 ``='' in key statement expected
3774 Attribute ID in key statement expected
3778 Duplicate ID encountered in key statement
3803 Illegal value encountered in component path's body
3809 Name or environment definition expected
3811 Name definition expected
3812 ``='' in component path's body expected
3813 Literal in component path's body expected
3815 Statement in component path body expected
3817 ``End'' expected
3819 Path literal or ``Direct-Interface'' expected
3821 Required definitions were missing from component path body
3824 This attribute has no instrumentation for the current OS environment
3828 Value conflicts with existing database
3829 Duplicate statement in component paths body
3840 Expecting: DOS, OS/2, UNIX, WIN16, or WIN32
3878 Templates must have unique class strings
3892 Templates are required to be keyed
3929 2 group statements in DmiAddGroup or 2 component statements
4306 Unexpected end of file in literal
4632 Out of memory in component
4648 Language or territory error in language string
4649 Encoding error in language string
4681 Database error in table
4900 File error
4958 Unicode error

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