DMI error codes

Service provider error code set

The following tables contain non-error condition codes and service provider error codes.

Non-error condition codes

Symbol Value Description
DMIERR_CFE_NO_RPC_CLIENTS_LOADED 0x800 Client front end did not find any RPC provider
DMIERR_NO_ERROR 0x00000 Success
DMIERR_NO_ERROR_MORE_DATA 0x00001 More data is available
DMIERR_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_RETURNED 0x00002 The item requested did not have a language mapping installed that matched the one requested. The value was returned using the default language

Service provider error codes

Symbol Value Description
DMIERR_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND 0x00100 Attribute not found
DMIERR_VALUE_EXCEEDS_MAXSIZE 0x00101 Value exceeds maximum size
DMIERR_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND 0x00102 Component ID is not found
DMIERR_ENUM_ERROR 0x00103 Enumeration error
DMIERR_GROUP_NOT_FOUND 0x00104 Group not found
DMIERR_ILLEGAL_KEYS 0x00105 Illegal keys
DMIERR_ILLEGAL_TO_SET 0x00106 Illegal to set
DMIERR_OVERLAY_NAME_NOT_FOUND 0x00107 Component instrumentation not found
DMIERR_ILLEGAL_TO_GET 0x00108 Illegal to get
DMIERR_ROW_NOT_FOUND 0x0010a Row not found
DMIERR_DIRECT_INTERFACE_NOT_REGISTERED 0x0010b Direct interface not registered
DMIERR_DATABASE_CORRUPT 0x0010c MIF database is corrupt
DMIERR_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x0010d Attribute is not supported
DMIERR_VALUE_UNKNOWN 0x0010f Value for this attribute is not known
DMIERR_BUFFER_FULL 0x00200 Buffer full
DMIERR_ILL_FORMED_COMMAND 0x00201 Ill-formed command
DMIERR_ILLEGAL_COMMAND 0x00202 Illegal command
DMIERR_ILLEGAL_HANDLE 0x00203 Illegal handle
DMIERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY 0x00204 Out of memory
DMIERR_NULL_COMPLETION_FUNCTION 0x00205 No confirm function
DMIERR_NULL_RESPONSE_BUFFER 0x00206 No response buffer
DMIERR_CMD_HANDLE_IN_USE 0x00207 Command handle is already in use
DMIERR_ILLEGAL_DMI_LEVEL 0x00208 DMI version mismatch
DMIERR_UNKNOWN_CI_REGISTRY 0x00209 Unknown CI registry
DMIERR_COMMAND_CANCELED 0x0020a Command has been canceled
DMIERR_INSUFFICIENT_PRIVILEGES 0x0020b Insufficient privileges
DMIERR_NULL_ACCESS_FUNCTION 0x0020c No access function provided
DMIERR_FILE_ERROR 0x0020d OS File I/O error
DMIERR_EXEC_FAILURE 0x0020e Could not spawn a new task
DMIERR_INVALID_FILE_TYPE 0x00210 Invalid file type
DMIERR_SP_INACTIVE 0x00211 Service provider is inactive
DMIERR_CANT_UNINSTALL_SP_COMPONENT 0x00213 Unable to remove the service provider component
DMIERR_NULL_CANCEL_FUNCTION 0x00214 No cancel function provided
DMIERR_INVALID_POOL 0x00215 Memory Pool handle is invalid
DMIERR_INVALID_PTR 0x00216 A memory Pointer passed was invalid
DMIERR_NO_POOL 0x00217 A memory pool is required for use with this function
DMIERR_FILE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x00218 The passed file type, while legal, is not supported by this implementation
DMIERR_CANT_UNINSTALL_COMPONENT_LANGUAGE 0x00219 Unable to install a component's language mapping
DMIERR_CANT_UNINSTALL_GROUP 0x0021a Unable to install the group
DMIERR_UNABLE_TO_ADD_ROW 0x0021b The add row failed due to either a database problem or a component limitation
DMIERR_UNABLE_TO_DELETE_ROW 0x0021c The delete row failed, due to either database problem or a component limitation

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