Managing Hot Plugable controllers

Removing a controller or NIC

If you are replacing a controller, you should first add the new controller (see ``Adding a controller'') before removing the old controller.

CAUTION: You cannot remove the controller that supports the root filesystem without bringing down the system.

To remove a controller or NIC:

  1. Select the slot containing the controller to be removed (click on the slot icon).

  2. Turn on the attention indicator for the selected slot (optional). See ``Turning a slot attention indicator on or off''.

  3. Suspend the driver instance for the controller. See ``Suspending a driver instance''.

    NOTE: If you replaced a controller, you already suspended the driver instance for the controller you are removing when you added the new one.

  4. Turn off power to the slot. See ``Turning slot power off''.

    If the slot has a power LED verify that it is off.

  5. Release the interlock for the slot (if it has one).

    The Hot Plug Manager displays an unlocked interlock indicator (open padlock).

  6. Disconnect the cable(s) and physically remove the controller from the slot.

    NOTE: If you replaced a controller, you already moved cables from the old controller to the new one.

  7. If you replaced a controller you might have already resumed the suspended driver instance onto the new controller, but if you do not need the suspended driver instance, delete it. See ``Deleting a driver''.

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