Manual sections

Section 1 User commands
Section 1C++ C++ unrestricted commands
Section 1M Administrative commands
Section 1Mbnu Basic networking administrative commands
Section 1Mbsd BSD compatibility administrative commands
Section 1Mcert HDK test and certification suites
Section 1Meels EELS administrative commands
Section 1Mnfs NFS administrative commands
Section 1Mnis NIS administrative commands
Section 1Msnmp SNMP administrative commands
Section 1Mtcp TCP/IP administrative commands
Section 1bnu Basic networking unrestricted commands
Section 1bsd BSD compatibility unrestricted commands
Section 1fmli Form and Menu Language interpreter commands
Section 1m Termcap and terminfo
Section 1nfs NFS unrestricted commands
Section 1nis NIS unrestricted commands
Section 1tcl Tcl unrestricted commands
Section 1tcp TCP/IP unrestricted commands
Section 1tk 
Section 1vtcl Visual Tcl unrestricted commands
Section 1x X11 user commands
Section 2 System calls
Section 3 Library functions
Section 3C Libc routines
Section 3C++ C++ library routines
Section 3C++std Standard C++ Library classes
Section 3Cbsd Berkeley compatibility routines
Section 3G General purpose library
Section 3M Math library routines
Section 3N Network services programming routines
Section 3S Libc I/O routines
Section 3X Miscellaneous library functions
Section 3aio Asynchronous I/O library routines
Section 3bsd BSD compatibility routines
Section 3curses Curses library routines
Section 3dba EELS database access library routines
Section 3dmi DMI library routines
Section 3dshm DSHM routines
Section 3eels EELS generic logging library routines
Section 3elf Elf library routines
Section 3event Event library routines
Section 3iac IAC library routines
Section 3mas MAS library routines
Section 3ocurses SVR4 curses library routines
Section 3pthread POSIX threads library routines
Section 3rpc Remote Procedure Call library routines
Section 3sadm SCOadmin services C library
Section 3snmp SNMP routines
Section 3sock Socket routines
Section 3synch Synchronization library routines
Section 3tcl 
Section 3thread Threads library routines
Section 3tiff 
Section 3tk 
Section 3tlib SCOadmin services Tcl library
Section 3udi UDI standard driver routines
Section 3wide Wide-character support library routines
Section 3xdas Distributed Audit Service library functions
Section 3xti TLI/XTI library routines
Section 4 Special files
Section 4C++ C++ system files
Section 4bnu Basic networking utilities system files
Section 4bsd BSD compatibility system files
Section 4dsp System files for driver configuration
Section 4eels EELS system files
Section 4nis NIS system files
Section 4snmp SNMP system files
Section 4tcp TCP/IP system files
Section 5 File formats
Section 5bsd BSD compatibility miscellaneous
Section 5sql 
Section 5tcp TCP/IP miscellaneous
Section 7 Conventions and miscellany
Section 7isdn ISDN ioctl commands
Section 7mdi MDI ioctl commands
Section 7sock Socket protocols
Section 7tcp TCP protocols
Section 7xti TLI/XTI STREAMS modules
Section 8 Administration and privileged commands
Section D1 Driver data definitions
Section D1psm PSM core kernel variables
Section D1str STREAMS exported driver variables
Section D2 Driver entry point routines
Section D2hpci Hot plug controller driver entry point routines
Section D2mdi MDI driver entry point routines
Section D2oddi OpenServer driver entry point routines
Section D2osdi OpenServer SCSI driver entry point routines
Section D2pccard PC Card driver entry point routines
Section D2psm PSM entry point routines
Section D2sdi SDI driver entry point routines
Section D2str STREAMS driver entry point routines
Section D3 Kernel utility functions
Section D3eels EELS kernel logging functions
Section D3hpci PCI BIOS kernel functions for hot plug controllers
Section D3i2o I2O kernel functions
Section D3mdi MDI kernel functions
Section D3nfb NFB functions
Section D3oddi OpenServer driver kernel functions
Section D3osdi OpenServer SCSI kernel functions
Section D3pccard PC Card kernel functions
Section D3psm PSM kernel functions
Section D3sdi SDI kernel functions
Section D3str STREAMS kernel functions
Section D3sys System specific kernel functions
Section D3xdas XDAS kernel logging functions
Section D4 Kernel data structures
Section D4dlpi DLPI kernel data structures
Section D4hpci Hot plug controller driver kernel functions
Section D4isdn ISDN kernel data structures
Section D4mdi MDI kernel data structures
Section D4nfb NFB data structures and files
Section D4oddi OpenServer kernel structures
Section D4osdi OpenServer SCSI structures
Section D4pccard PC Card kernel structures
Section D4psm PSM data types
Section D4sdi SDI kernel data structures
Section D4str STREAMS driver visible structures
Section D5 Kernel defines
Section D5pccard PC Card defines
Section D5sdi Kernel defines for SDI drivers
Section D7dlpi DLPI message types
Section D7isdn ISDN message types
Section D7mdi MDI message types
Section D7str STREAMS message types
Section D7tpi TPI message types
Section X1 X client commands
Section X1M X server administrative commands
Section X3mot OSF/Motif commands and library routines
Section X3xau X authority database library routines
Section X3xext X extensions library routines
Section X3xlib X library routines
Section X3xmu X library routines (miscellaneous utilities)
Section X3xt X toolkit Intrinsics library routines
Section ntcl 
Section ntk